T. E. Tyler


Tim Tyler is a storyteller, writer and historian. He enjoys writing and performing short stories, as well as photography, singing and songwriting. He performed with the Christian Contemporary band Reconstruction.

Mr. Tyler also holds bachelors degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Virginia Tech and a master's degree in History from Fairliegh Dickinson University.

Tim participated in two short term mission projects in the Republic of Haiti, assisting in the construction of a school and a church. He also helped plan the logistics and direction of these projects as well as raise money to be used for construction material. In addition, he designed and conducted a process for developing Mission Statements for two nonprofit church organizations.

This website is a compilation of some of his works, as well as links to other sites he finds of interest. He hopes you enjoy the site as well.

And what about the "Midnight Hunter?" Tim has always had a mystical connection with the constellation Orion. It is the first thing he can remember seeing in the night sky. It has played a prominent role in his life during times of change and challenge. He sees Orion as his own "zodiac" sign, although it is not one of the actual constellations of the zodiac. For him it represents the nature of one is always seeking challenges and opportunities.