A trip to Shin-Yokohama, Japan, with a stop in Tokyo on the way home.

Training courses are incredibly long and dull. Thankfully, this evening we've finished with some daylight left. I think I'll go take a picture of the temple I can see from our 14th floor classroom.
The temple has a crowded cemetary and a large bell behind it. I've always wondered what type of temple it is. What's this? A man has emerged from the temple driveway and is approaching me.
Daylillies Under Window
He welcomes me into the courtyard and points to a young man, his son. The boy speaks some broken English. His name is Dozo and his father's name is Junji.
Inn under Tree
The temple is a Buddhist temple, and Junji is the temple-keeper. I admire the architecture, particularly the intricately carved rooflines. Perhaps next time I'll ask if I can see inside.
Forest Brook
It's time for a quick after-lunch walk. I know this neighborhood well. This street, just the other side of the railroad tracks, goes up and over the hill.
Street Scene
The houses here are so small and crowded together.  But they are also surrounded by all manner of trees and shrubs.
Narrow Street
Coming back over the hill I can see the office again. Just around the next corner is one of my favorite spots.
Roadside Shrine
Next to a parking lot carved into the hill is this little roadside shrine. I know nothing about it, but I've photographed it every time I've visited Yokohama.
Yokohama Stadium
Class is finally over! There's still some daylight left, so I'll go over and check out the stadium I can see from my hotel. This is where the Wolrd Cup final will be played in a couple of months.
Mt. Fuji
From the plaza at the stadium I can just make out Mt. Fuji through the haze.
Old Farm Implement
One last picture of the office from my hotel room before I head out for a night on the town.
Yokohama at Night
Downtown Yokohama, near the main train station is a busy place at night.
Another Night Scene
Lot's of people are out shopping, walking, and enjoying a pleasant evening.
Another Torii
It's been a hectic week, with little time to play, but the flight home isn't until this evening, so time to do a little sightseeing in Tokyo.
The Meiji Shrine is a neat place to see a little Japanese culture. It is in the middle of a big park. At the entrances to the park are these large Torii, or traditional Japanese gates.
Outer Courtyard Gate
The temple is arranged around a large courtyard. Here is the main gate, from inside the courtyard.
Meiji Shrine Courtyard
And here is the Main Shrine, across the courtyard. This temple is to the emperor Meiji, who ruled from 1868 to 1912 and established Japan as a modern industrial nation.
Meiji Shrine Main Temple
Worshipers enter the main shrine, say their prayers and toss coins into large wooden boxes. Then the bow twice, clap their hands twice, then bow again.
Meiji Inner Shrine
The Inner Shrine is across a small courtyard from the Main Shrine. Apparently only priests are allowed there.
Closeup of Inner Shrine
The Inner Shrine is where the souls of the emperor and his consort are believed to reside.
Wedding Procession
What's this. I hear the slow steady beating of a huge drum. Look, a procession in the courtyard. It looks like,... a wedding!
Prayer Cards
Over to one side of the courtyard is a little enclosure. At little shops along the sides they sell wooden plaques. People are writing prayers on them and tying them to the enclosure.
Alley by Train Station
I'm hungry. I seem to remember a narrow little alley near Shijuku train station with lots of tiny restaurants on it. I wonder if I can find it?
Palace Guardhouse
The train for the airport leaves in just a few minutes. Time to run over and take one last picture, a guardhouse overlooking the palace moat.