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Dukes of Normandy
 Rollo 911 - 927Hrolf (Rollo) invaded France in 911. In order to buy him off and, perhaps, gain some protection against further Viking invasions, Charles the Simple gave the area now known as Normandy to Hrolf in the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, as a fief of the Frankish kingdom. Duchy under with France until 1204
   William I Longsword 927 - 942de Normandy 
   Richard I 942 - 996  
   Richard II the Good 996 - 1027  
   Richard III 1026 - 1027  
   Robert I the Magnificent (also the Devil) 1028 - 1035  
   William II the Bastard (also the Conqueror) 1035 - 1087Based on a claim that his cousin Edward the Confessor had named his heir, William invaded England in 1066, defeating Harold Godwinson for the crown.  
   1066 Personal union England until 1087
   Robert II Curthose 1087 - 1106Robert fought often with his brothers William II and Henry I of England. In 1106 Henry defeated Robert at the Battle of Tinchebray, siezed the Duchy of Normandy and imprisoned Robert for the rest of his life.  
   Henri I Beauclerc 1106 - 1135 Personal union with England until 1144
   Étienne 1135 - 1144Lost the Duchy to Geoffroy Plantagenet during the Blois 

Provinces, States and Territories

AumaleCounty of Normandyfrom Before 996 to 1194