Rulerfromto Dynasty
Kings of Lotharingia
 Lothair I 817 - 855Carolingian 
   840 Personal Union Holy Roman Empire until 855
   Lothair II 855 - 869  
   Zwentibold 895 - 900  
   925 Duchy of Germany until 1670
Dukes of Lotharingia
 Konrad the Red 944? - 953Given the Duchy of Lotharingia by Emperor Otto in 944 or 945, he rebelled with Liudolf, Duke of Swabia against the Emperor and was deposed in 953.Salier 
   Bruno 953 - 965Given the Duchy of Lotharingia by his brother, Emperor Otto I after he siezed it from Konrad the Red during an uprising.von Sachsen